Best Theragun Alternatives

Massage guns, or handheld percussion massagers , are designed to aid in the increase of blood flow and the myofascial release process. These handheld devices, use vibration and pulsation to apply concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue and promote recovery. This form of deep-tissue massage can work out knots and tension out of the muscles, while also enhancing your range of motion and increasing blood flow. Percussion massagers, when used correctly, can help reduce your recovery time and help relieve pain, tension, and soreness.

There’s a charger and carry case provided but lugging it about is a pain, making it best suited to professional gyms where it can stay put. For just shy of £100, this lean, mean machine is a great value buy. You get five heads for your buck, all of which massage to excellent effect, pain-free. Choose from five speeds, but expect the handle to vibrate like mad at full power. The six-hour battery life is top-class and we like that it comes with a USB charging cable for on-the-go refuels. The carry case is handy and the instructions are largely useful, but the translation from Chinese is dodgy in parts.

You get the same Bluetooth capabilities and 40 pounds of force with each stroke, compared to the G3PRO’s 60 pounds of force. The massage gun produces 2,400 strokes per minute and there are five-speed options, which is nice when you want to take it easy on some of your more sensitive areas. Ekrin Athletics are a relatively new athlete led start up from Boston, MA.

Powerful Portable Mini Massage gun with multicolors

Beside it, two buttons can help you increase or decrease the speed settings. The handle itself is made from silicone to give you a tighter grip, but at the same time, it’s light enough for you to carry. It even comes with a carrying case that will make it more convenient to bring anywhere.

As the cheapest Bluetooth-enabled massage gun on the list, the Hypervolt Plus makes for an easy value proposition. In practice, this means that courtesy of its fully-connected app, adjusting the speed is as simple as a tap of your smartphone. What’s more, it features Hyperice’s patented pressure sensor, an addition that allows you to gauge how much force you’re applying at a glance. With its three white LEDs, the harder you press, the more that light up. But the best part is that because of its high-torque brushless electric motor, it’s impressively quiet. Although having a high-powered massage gun is ideal when you need to target a particular trigger point, sometimes your muscles are in need of something on the mellower side.

To relieve your pain effectively, this massage gun features an indicator lamp design that displays the amount of pressure your muscles need to alleviate the pain. With this massage gun, you will enjoy a deep tissue massage anytime you need it in the comfort of your home. One of the things you will love about this best massage gun is that it is portable, implying that you can effortlessly carry it in your gym bag or any other place. Additionally, it charges quickly and retains the charge for a long time. This is mainly facilitated by the high-quality 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery.

While Theragun may have a tighter grip on the professional market, the Hyperbolt Plus comes in at $200 less than the Theragun Pro. If you’re just getting into the massage gun game but want to go big, this is your guy. However, that also makes it the most expensive massage gun, and arguably too heavy-duty for some, especially in the era of low-key home workouts. If you’re one who suffers from heightened muscle pain or takes part in intense workouts five or more days a week, though, it’s worth considering. Theragun is the brand that put massage guns on the mainstream map, and you’ll come to understand why.

It helps with stiff backs, soreness, and tight muscles, leaving you feeling fresh and strong. The product comes with professional quality as it is mainly used by chiropractors and physical therapists. One of the best things you will love about this best massage gun is that it features super quiet operation due to the 24V brushless motor that it comes with. Again, it comes with a built-in 2000mAh battery that offers a longer massage time of up to 2 or 3-hours.