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For neat storage and transportation of all the attachments, the unit comes with a solid carry case. So, if you’re going to take the fascia gun along with you wherever you go, this may be a solid option to stick with. Offering multiple attachments and speeds, you’ll surely find the best combination for your needs.

To be perfectly honest, there’s not much to say here without nitpicking. As far as I’m concerned, the Ekrin B37 does everything you could want from a massager and I’ve personally had no complaints. One thing I suppose that could be mentioned here is the amplitude/stroke depth of 12 mm (vs 16 mm which is the deepest I’ve come across). The amplitude is how deep the massage head pushes into the muscles as it vibrates. I think the vast majority of users WON’T need or expect this kind of amplitude, and to be honest most would find that uncomfortable unless you’ve got really dense bodybuilder type muscles.

We started by analyzing massage guns from top brands like Theragun and TimTim, and we have to say the options were impressive. The only downside was that most of the high-end brands were expensive. If you plan to travel with your massage gun, you need one that will fit into your suitcase and preferably a cordless one. Commercial grade smart massage gun that, when used with the Therabody app delivers personalized therapy to suit your lifestyle. That level of dominance speaks for itself, and what it speaks of is a truly professional-level massage gun. TaoTronics also makes plenty of quality massage guns and this is their best model, which gives you another Amazon favorite (4.8/5 rating) with over 3,000 people checking in with their ratings.

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and professional sports coaches to design this deep tissue massage gun that penetrates as much as 60% more than average massage guns. The erector spinae muscles grow from the back of the lower pelvis along the spine to the back of the head.When massaging the erector spinae, we should use U-shaped massage head of massage gun. The U-shaped massage head perfectly avoid the spinous processes of the spine and massage the muscles on both sides of the spine.

There’s one button on the whole device that turns it on and off, and switches between the intensity levels. It’s also heavy enough to feel substantial in your hand but doesn’t become laborious to hold like other, bigger, massage guns can. When I first unboxed it, it looked small, but once I started using it I started to prefer it over the larger massage guns. It fits right in the palm of your hand which makes it super easy to handle and maneuver when trying to reach a specific spot. It’s also easier to give yourself a massage on your back and neck because it’s smaller and easier to hold. My boyfriend and I tried out the mini massage gun alongside other, full-sized massage guns as part of a multi-product trial.

With 24 adjustable speed settings and 5 replaceable massage heads, you will be able to customize your massage experience when using this product. The design of this best massage gun adopts a high-quality motor that produces an ultra-strong heat dissipation function. Moreover, there is a high precision mold that tightly connects the body and the head of this massage gun. As a result, you enjoy a smooth gliding that eliminates the production of noise as it operates. With a brushless motor and five individual speed gears, Shavron’s massage gun offers quiet percussive therapy session, with a maximum noise output of 55db.

Although they offer unique and powerful massage guns, they are only limited to Amazon. With a little dedication, they can evolve as a good massage gun brand. With a stall force of 30 lbs and 12 mm stroke length, it provides percussion similar, if not better, as many expensive devices. Due to strong percussion, Medcursor Mini will prove an excellent choice for deep tissue therapy that most athletes need. Putting on the lowest setting, then gradually working my way up, the Sportneer was best when I was using it for light pressure on sore spots.

Now, since many nonessential, in-person appointments like massage therapy sessions are being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, it may the best time for you to invest in your own massage gun. It has more signature features and power for optimal deep muscle treatment. For one, it provides 30% more power at speeds 1 through 3 so your muscles get the treatment they need for faster recovery. The ACHEDAWAY massage gun, which has five different speed adjustments and five massage heads that are ideal for treating the most tender muscle areas, has 85% five-star Amazon ratings. It’s powerful, yet quiet, and comes equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that prevents overuse that can lead to muscle injury. The Hyperice Hypervolt is often a top pick because it’s smoother and quieter than other massage gun models.

The massage arm of this machine punches out a full 16 millimeters (0.63 inches), making it excellent at pushing lactic acid out of sore muscles and ironing out cramps. With up to 66 pounds of pressure applied at 1,800 to 3,000 strokes per minute, it combines sheer power with a battery life that’s nearly as impressive as that of the Sylphim. Someone who isn’t too concerned about muscle recovery, but wants a massage gun for its medical benefits instead.

Nearly 4,000 Amazon shoppers have rated this affordable massage gun a stellar 4.9 stars out of 5. This device comes with a variety of heads as well as three different speed levels so you can customize your massage based on the target area. A safety timer will turn off the device automatically to ensure you aren’t overworking your muscles. Another premium brand is TimTam, which ranges from $199.99 to $399.

Any massager that doesn’t offer this flexibility is lacking in versatility compared to those that do offer such adjustability. The varying angles allow you to target different areas of your body with the appropriate amount of pressure. This is especially useful in hard to reach areas, such as your back. Many athletes can benefit from using a massage gun after hard workouts. If you have any type of tension in your muscles that you want to work through, it can be a beneficial part of your pre-workout and post-workout routine.