The Risk Prevention of the Real Estate(II)

  1. Portfolio and insurance

For real estate investors, it is necessary to purchase insurance, which is one of the main ways to transfer or reduce the risk of real estate investment. Insurance has a very important significance in reducing or compensating the losses of real estate investors, realizing the capital circulation movement, and ensuring the profits of real estate investors, especially for the credibility of real estate investors and promoting the development of real estate business activities. In general, real estate insurance business mainly includes housing insurance, title insurance, mortgage insurance and real estate entrusted insurance. When purchasing insurance, real estate investors should consider the types of insurance that are needed to rebel against real estate investors, determine the appropriate amount of insurance, reasonably divide risk units and determine the rate, and choose a reputable insurance company.Seamless Steel Tube

The real estate investment portfolio strategy is based on the risk degree and annual profitability of real estate investment. According to certain principles, the real estate investment strategy is based on appropriate reversal and investment in various types of real estate to reduce investment risks.

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